U.S. Income-Generating Real Estate

To U.S. income-generating real estate

To Public Non-Listed REITs

Across industries and geographies

Our Strategy

Exposure to U.S. income-generating real estate market

Consistent cash flow from REIT dividend distribution
Risk / Return profile
Volatility & correlation that may be lower to the broader public markets

Access to REIT Management Companies in the U.S.

Investing primarily in Public Non Listed REITs
Potential upside in an exit event
Accessible investment for non-U.S. residents

The Crew

Omer Granit

Founder & Managing Partner

Yaron Eilot

Managing Partner

Why invest in U.S. real estate?

Large and advanced economy
Potentially long term growth and a steady revenue stream
Access to diversified assets across sectors and geography
Invest in real tangible assets

REIT Overview

FINRA approved & governed
Bulk of assets connected to real estate
Distributes at least 90% of its income
No controlling stakeholder
Limited fees & leverage

Public Non-Listed REITs

Public company – registered with the SEC
Full transparency and reporting
Not listed / traded on an exchange
NAV conducted by independent party

PNLR Benefits

Potentially lower volatility & correlation than broader public markets
Potential upside in an exit event
Well defined lifecycle and goals
Lower leverage than traded REITs